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Making a Good Showing

If you think it’s great to have lots of things, it’s been too long since you’ve moved.

-Dawn Sundstrom, Missionary in Kandern,   Germany Area

In a bit of poetic happenstance, this little thought arrived today via email from my daily “Thought for the Day” subscription.  It is quite apropos, .given that I am nearing the end of Pre-List Decluttering.  Tomorrow our Realtor® will take pictures to include in our MLS listing and the packet that will provided to visitors at our Open House on Sunday.

So today I am busy tidying up those last, straggling bits of clutter.  I envision stuffing things in closets, dumping stuff in boxes, and otherwise making the un-photogenic accoutrements of everyday life invisible. The key will be finding all this stuff when the dust settles, the house is sold, and we begin the final stage of packing prior to The Move.

Some things I noticed during this weeks-long process:

  1. Your house changes. We took a couple of small pieces of furniture out of the breakfast area in our kitchen and moved one cart.  The room echoes now. Weird.
  2. Our near-naked fridge

    Our near-naked fridge

    Your things change. We now have a white refrigerator!  Well, it was always white; but now that nearly all the magnets on the front and sides are gone, it almost looks like a white floor model. Almost. I’ve kept only a about 10 small magnets, just to keep it from looking like a real floor model.

  3. Muscle memory is real.  I’ve moved some things in the kitchen — for example, moved the Kleenex from the plant stand shelf to the kitchen desk.  Every time I need a Kleenex, I instinctively move toward the window (where the plant stand was), then put on the brakes to head toward the desk.  That’s just one example.
  4. Freecycle is your friend. I’ve used Freecycle.org® for several years, and this de-cluttering period was no exception.  I encourage you to check it out.  It is better than putting perfectly good items in the trash; and it’s better than keeping them around just because you can’t find a way to get rid of them.  One of the last things to go before the house is listed was the aforementioned plant stand.  I will take a break until we have a final contract on the house. Then I will start up again and get rid of things we don’t want to move to our new home.
  5. Letting go is OK. Of all the “lessons” I’ve learned during this exercise, perhaps the most important was that it’s OK to get rid of things. Really OK.  I noted in a blog post a couple of weeks ago that I’d been holding on the some magazines from the early Internet days.  They made the move from our previous home; but I vowed they wouldn’t make the move this time. The same goes with old magazines and books I’ll never read again, and with “hobby” stuff that I’ll never partake in again. It’s quite freeing to be rid of that stuff.  (Of course, I tried to Freecycle most of it. Books went to the local Book Sale and Library. Magazines were recycled. Done. And Done!)

So, I’m hoping that our house makes a good showing — has some “glamour shots,” if you will — that will help it to sell quickly. We are doing our level best to put our house’s best face forward.

Now it’s up to the buying public.