Daily Archives: August 24, 2013

Seeing Things In a Different Light

lampWhat a difference a few hours make….

Matt and I went to our new home at about 2:00 PM, primarily to meet the cable installer. You see, having reliable, high-speed Internet is a necessity for Matt in our new house.  He plans to work from home some days and without it …>bzzt!<… that would be nearly impossible.

Anyway, it’s almost a cliché, but the cable guy was quite late (but still within the 2-hour window).  He worked almost 4 hours getting our 3 connections readied.  The sun had long since gone over the yardarm, and dusk was setting in.  So I started turning on lights. Some lights.  All lights. Dimmable and not.  And what I found was: I really like the feel of our home in the evening and night.

I especially like the soft lighting in the kitchen afforded by the under-counter task lights and the nightlight feature on the microwave.  Sounds crazy; but I can very much see relaxing in the living room bathed only by the soft light from those fixtures.

The tone will change in a couple of weeks when we move, bringing with us our “occasional lamps.”  But I think I’ll still like the microwave nightlight and the under-counter lights.

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