Walls! We Have Walls!


In the Great Room, looking into the Sun Room in the distance.

(Third in a series of posts about construction of our new home.  See the others here.)

Not a very glamorous picture up there, is it? But it looks beautiful to me!  After all these months, we finally have walls — real walls — instead of studs.

We can finally get a sense of the spaces.  I was afraid that the rooms would look smaller after drywall was installed; I was wrong.  The rooms actually seem bigger.  🙂

Some style gets added, too.  Here’s the stariway before the drywall:

Before the drywall..

Before the drywall..

Here it is after:

Stairwell after the drywall.

Stairwell after the drywall.

It’s going to look pretty cool with the railings, etc., that we picked.

I also liked the way they drywalled the passageway over the gu est room which leadsfrom Matt’s upstairs office to the large storage space over the garage.  Pretty neat, huh?

Our upstairs "tunnel"

Our upstairs “tunnel”

We didn’t see any of the the drywall being hung. When we visited, the crew was applying drywall compound to the seams in preparation for painting.  How do they reach the topmost seams on a 9′ ceiling? Why, with drywall stilts of course!  Here’s a clip one member of our crew doing just that:

The next thing on the critical path is for me to pick paints.  Headed to the Benjamin Moore store one last time.  Now that I know what my floors, tiles, cabinets, and counter top are, I can pick colors with more confidence.  More on that later.

Stay tuned!

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