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The Kitchen Breakthrough

Second in a series:

Oh what a long, strange trip it’s been getting to a final plan for our new kitchen.  You see, about 5 feet of the kitchen was created by extending the dimensions into the new part of the house.  Ever since framing began, we could only “see” about 3/4 of the future kitchen, and for much of the time it was the location of windows and other demolition detritus.  (See picture below.)

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

Then, a month or so ago, after all the roofing and windows were in, the wall dividing the “old” house and the “new” house was busted down.  We finally  after we saw the “new part” — that approximately 5-foot addition to the “old” house — but we still couldn’t visualize a possible layout.

Our first glimpse.

Our first glimpse of the 2-ft. addition and the 2-ft pantry space.

Nothing seemed to work.  By fits & starts we moved through a preliminary kitchen design (thanks to our ever-patient Home Depot kitchen designers).  The U-shaped main part of the kitchen (where the cooktop, sink, & double oven are) was pretty much set.  Only minor tweaks remained.  It was that run of cabinets next to it and a low, desk-like work counter opposite that that was the sticky wicket.

I always wanted a pantry, but our first design seemed unworkable.  It featured a a long, skinny pantry space that had constricted access to where the shelves would be.  We worked with our architect to come up with alternative designs for that area.

Our penultimate design was not too satisfactory. Beause the original plan’s pantry was difficult to access, we eliminated it totally, eliminated the wall framing it, and substituted the pantry cabinet.  Well, that sufficied, but it did not satisfy, know what I mean?

During that day’s site visit, I had made an offhand comment about orienting the pantry 90° from the original design. But none of us pursued this at the time. I fretted about that darn pantry cabinet all evening and into the night.  So I sat down the next morning and worked on trying to define that small space (approximately 100″ x 84″ x 100″).  It was like a breakthrough! An epiphany!

Have a look at the PDF file (linked below) to see the new design for the portion of the kitchen that was giving us such fits:

KitchenPlan 4-28-13

I think we’ve bridged the gap, busted through the impasse, and now have a winner design.

(I’ll send pictures of the finished product.)

Stay tuned for more updates on the project.