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Taking a Walk & Going Upstairs

Second in a series about building our new house.

Our New House

Our New House (R-to-L is: Laundry room, bathroom, 2nd bedroom, entry (bump-in), kitchen, great room, entry (hidden in this picture), garage). Matt’s office is above the great room.

The day we’ve waited for: being able to walk from one end of our new home to the other.

My husband Matt and I are adding a new addition to an existing house, and the contractors left the adjoining wall intact until just last week.  Extensive work had been done on the old part and the new part was constructed after that was done.  The photo above shows the old portion with new siding (except for a small part with is still the green stucco board).

So, Matt and I “took a walk” from the old house down to the new section. (“Down,” because the Great Room will be “sunken,” separated from the kitchen/dining room by 1 or 2 steps.) It was great to finally get a sense of the final sweep of the house. It was also a relief to not need to use  a 2×12 plank to get up into the Great Room.  (I don’t like heights — particularly when coupled with narrow walkways; but I needed helping hands to go up & down the plank, even though it was not particularly high.)

A week later I visited the site.  By then the stairway to the 2nd floor had been installed, so I was able to see Matt’s office upstairs and walk across the passageway from his office to the storage area above the garage, (an area affectionately dubbed “the Bonus Room”. We don’t have a basement, so most of our long-ish term storage will be above the garage.) The “Bonus Room” is huge.  It is above a 2-car garage that has had an additional 5 or so feet added to the rear. So, yes, we can store a fair amount up there.

Here’s the passageway:

Not-So-Secret Passageway

Not-So-Secret Passageway

Here’s the back half of the “Bonus Room.” (My camera was acting up during the “photo shoot” Tuesday; so I actually didn’t get a panoramic photo of the Bonus Room.)

Bonus Room (well, only 1/2 of it)

Bonus Room (well, only 1/2 of it)

That’s all for now.  Coming soon:  Designing the kitchen.


As I mentioned in my last post, when this saga began I decided to record the progress with photos and videos.   You can see them in my Flickr set.  I will keep adding until the project is completed.