Daily Archives: March 14, 2013

New Category, New Home, New Experiences

Well, critical mass has been reached, so it’s time to blog about it.

All the walls & roofing are up* for our new house!

We bought a house last summer and are having it renovated. The house was a nominal 3-bedroom house — “nominal,” because the 3rd bedroom was approximately the size of a postage stamp.

Among other shortcomings, the kitchen needed to be redone, there was no garage, and there wasn’t sufficient room for activities we like to engage in.

So the answer was to build an addition that would give us an informal gathering place (a.k.a “Great Room”), a guest bedroom, a garage, and a quiet place for my husband to work when he’s telecommuting.

Because of the relative shallowness of rocks in the area, we could not dig a basement, not without blasting anyway.  Doing so was out of the question both financially as well as to prevent any damage to the existing house.  Soooo, we also needed to create lots of storage space above ground in the new structure.

We worked extensively with our architect to wring every last bit of space out of the design. Although the house is on 2.1/4 acres, we didn’t want the house to be too big.  Construction began in the fall on renovating the existing structure and beginning prep work for the new addition and garage.

So now we have actual vertical and horizontal spaces.  Most of the roof sections are covered now. (Well, only a few were left to cover yesterday. They probably are all covered today.)

There are so many things to do with the new house (pick appliances, paint, floor coverings, etc., etc., etc.). We need to get our current home ready for sale, which involves major decluttering and dealing with collections (such as approximately 60 linear feet of books — and those are just the ones in common areas, our individual home offices are another story).

When this saga began, I decided to record the progress with photos and videos.   You can see them in my Flickr set.  I will keep adding until the project is completed.

*UPDATE:  I just heard from my future neighbor who reports that, probably because of the windy conditions at the site, the roofing is NOT yet completed.