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The Income Balance: A Brave New World?

I was half-listening to the television recently when I heard someone mention something like (paraphrasing here…I did say I was half-listening) “and what will things be like when women earn more than men?”  I can’t remember if it was a rebroadcast of Inside Washington or an episode of MSNBC’s new Melissa Harris-Perry Show.  Whatever.

Interesting, though, that I should get notice of “The Battle of the Sexes: When Women Out-Earn Men” in my feed reader today.  NPR: Books interviews author Liza Mundy about her book.  You can see NPR’s article (and listen to the interview) here.

I love coincidences like that.

The Opportunity Cost of Buying the New iPad

One of the sites I follow via their Facebook feed, Make Use Of (link is their web version), asked the question “If you had the money but didn’t want to buy the new iPad, what would you buy?”

Some of the comments are perhaps what you would expect (“buy a netbook,” “buy and iMac,” and so forth.

But a couple were a hoot!

  • A life?
  • Beer!
  • As much as they cost, half of a house payment!
  • A weekend at the Bahamas.

And so forth.

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