You Must Be Old Enough To Fly

Sometimes you see things that just make you want to go “HUH???”

I read the article “Turn Off All Electronic Devices’: And What Happens If You Don’t” in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal .

It began with a discussion of the Alec-Baldwin/Words With Friends kerfluffle and discussed the fact that orders to turn of electronic devices is routinely ingnored by the flying public.

My eyes were drawn to the sidebar:  It reproduced Delta’s list of situations in which airlines reserve the right to remove passengers.  The list is part of Delta Airlines’ Contract of Carriage (PDF) for domestic flights.

It included the expected categories:

  • When the passenger’s conduct is disorderly, abusive or violent;
  • When the passenger’s behavior may be hazardous to himself/herself, the crew, or other passengers;
  • And so on.

I then looked more closely at the list and saw this:

  • When the passenger is traveling in an incubator.



Anyone who may have a plausible explanation for why this was included please offer it in the Comments.

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