The Times (& the Pictures) Are Changing

Way, W-A-Y back when — in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s — the online people-to-people communication world consisted mainly of email. And email was a text-only affair.  Usually only a mono-spaced message in green letters on a black screen.  Or maybe white on black.  No pictures. No Arial. And heaven-help-us, no Helvetica.

The way to make “pictures” in your message was to create ASCII Art.  I wrote about this phenomenon in an earlier post.

But now?  Well there’s Twitter. And guess what? There’s Twitter Art (or, more appropriately, #TwitterArt).  Here’s an example:

Another way to be creative (or waste time?). Just remember that that you can use the full range of ASCII characters  to create your TwitterArt.

Have fun!

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