Monthly Archives: August 2011

Meeting New People, Learning New Things

I just started a new feature on the other blog I write (SeeBee Sez) that I’m finding rather educational.

SeeBee Sez started out as a mechanism to share some of the hundreds of quotations that I’ve collected over the years.  A few weeks ago I came to the realization that, even if I didn’t collect another quote – which is highly unlikely – I’d be writing SeeBee Sez for several years.

How to offload some of these quotes? Hmmm.

Well, I’d done some periodic “Bonus Quotes” to mark some special occasion or other, so I thought “Why don’t I do a Bonus Quote” on the birthday of someone I’m quoting?”

I decided to “rely” on Wikipedia to verify birth dates.  Yes, I know that’s less-than-rigorous, cross-checked, peer-reviewed research.  But hey, this isn’t a life-or-death situation.

As I was going through several score of my already-digitized quotes, I spent a lot of time on Wikipedia researching birthdates.  It reminded me of the “random page” exercises that I used to do at work before I retired:  Pick a random page from the internal wiki and edit it. It was lots of fun, and I learned about new concepts, projects, and ideas while I was also learning to edit wiki pages. Win-win-win.

I’ve learned a bit about the people who I’m quoting. Some of them are well-known (to me, anyway) and some are relatively obscure (again, to me anyway).

I hope you’ll follow along with the SeeBee Sez Bonus Quotes.  You might learn something new about someone you thought you knew or you may meet someone you never heard of before.

Either way, have fun!

And remember:

 There is no such thing as “too much context.”