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Day 3, MS Awareness Week: Blogs and More

Here’s what I’ve published so far to mark MS Awareness Week:

Today I’ll provide you with links to a number of blogs and web sites that have a lot of information about MS.  The blogs are, in general, written by people who have MS.  They give you a unique peek inside life with MS.  I hope you enjoy them.


  • Wheelchair Kamikaze – The Rants, Ruminations, and Reflections of a Mad MS Patient.  This blog won the medGadget “Best Patient Blog of 2009.” Interesting, sometimes feisty, always enjoyable. [last post: 3/14/11]
  • Multiple Sclerosis BlogLife With MS Trevis Gleason’s upbeat blog celebrated it’s fifth anniversary this week.  One of my go-to blogs.  [last post: 3/14/11]
  • Blindbeard’s Multiple Sclerosis Blog – Ataxia Through Hell This blog has been around since 2007.  Quite personal observations about life with MS.  [last post: 2/13/11]
  • Erik’s Multiple Sclerosis & Lyme Blog – My life of symptoms, doctor visits, seemingly endless and massive semi-tax deductible “contribution” to the pharmaceutical industry, and getting better A very good blog. Eric has both MS and Lyme.  This blog has been around since 2004, but I’ve only discovered it recently.  Eric was a prolific poster in past years; but he has not posted since 2010. Hope everything is okay with him.  [last post: 9/12/10]
  • Multiple Sclerosis CaregivingDoing Your Best Does Make It Better This blog is penned by a gentleman whose wife has MS.  If you’re a caregiver for someone who has MS, read this blog.  Even if you’re not, you might find it interesting. [last post: 3/13/11]
  • Down the MS Path – A Multiple Sclerosis Blog for Everybody . . . and a few related health issues, too Written by a woman who has had MS for more than 15 years. Some good posts. [last post: 8/22/10]
  • Other blogs about MS (Google search)


  • MS My Way – Using Technology To Live Better With Multiple Sclerosis This is a great site that attempts to connect people with MS with the assistive technologies (AT) that might help them.  It addresses AT solutions to vision, cognitive, and dexterity issues that MS patients face.  A fun section called “Brain Games” for some “cognitive exercise.” Test your brain!
  • Move Over MS – Changing the Way You Live With MS This site is owned by Accorda Theraputics, which “is dedicated to developing therapies to restore neurological function in people with MS.” There are some good articles on life with MS.
  • How Does MS Feel? Site created by a person with MS.  Check the link “So How Do We Feel” to see what MS is like.


  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society Part of their “About the Society” page says:  “MS stops people from moving. We exist to make sure it doesn’t.” Enuf said! Worth a look for just about any type of information about MS you seek. They are also the sponsor for the Walk MS events. (My Walk Page.)
  • Multiple Sclerosis Foundation This is another great resource for people with MS, their families, and caregivers for people with MS. They offer some grants for caregivers.