Now You See It . . .

On a recent visit to Costco (why do I still call it “Price Club”?), I was reminded again why one shouldn’t become too fond of products.  They are fickle things, you know.  They become a part of your life, and then – poof! – they up & leave. Nary a word. No explanation. Nothing.  (Oh, and they never call. But that’s another story…)  They leave you bereft & searching, trying to fill the void; when you know that nothing will ever come close to replacing Your Favorite Product.

My favorite shampoo (until now, that is) disappeared from the drug store and variety store shelves a few months ago.

Then, at my club store, nary a package of 400-count cone coffee filters (such a deal, and every bit as good as the “name” brand) could be found.  Because of the quantity, I admit I didn’t buy the item very often.  But really.

In a way this is a by-product (buy product?) of the amount of choice consumers have in the U.S.  If we have so much choice, retailers need to choose carefully the products that line their shelves.  Otherwise stores would expand endlessly, and the production cycle would continue to support old, passé products that one old lady in Dubuque buys.

The Storal of the Morey? Be flexible. Have options. And, for Heaven’s sake, don’t get invested in any one thing.  (And this applies not just to things you shop for, but much more broadly to many everyday situations.)

Update:  The coffee filters were merely relocated to the “paper products” section (paper plates, waxed paper, and table napkins) of the store.  But, until I found them a few trips later, they had been among the “disappeared.”

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