Where Do I Begin?

I’m a collector of words.  And while I don’t meet all the criteria of either a digital hoarder or a digital packrat, I meet some of them.  So, I guess I just have hoarder and/or packrat tendencies.

I do collect an awful lot of words, in the form of quotations, interesting articles, even reference citations.  Much of it is on my hard drive or in my Web Mail folders.  (I’ve even gone so far as to hold up disposal of an old PC so that I could download my old Thunderbird email off of it before it was wiped.  Who knows what gems might otherwise have been disposed of had I not done that? I shudder to think!)

My 20th Century Netscape bookmark file was legendary. I seemingly bookmarked everything I came across.

Much of the information I have is from an online newsletter called Innovation Weekly.  I subscribed to Innovation Weekly in the mid-2000’s.  Here’s the “masthead” information from one of the emails:

Innovation Weekly reports on trends, strategies, and innovations in business and technology, and is sponsored in part by Norwich University <http://www.norwich.edu>, Animatrix Inc. <http://www.animatrix.com>, and our loyal individual and institutional subscribers.  The editors are John Gehl and Suzanne Douglass, editors@newscan.com.

John and Suzanne also edited a long-lived newsletter called NewsScan Daily.  It was chock full of tech information.  I probably have a few snippits around; and they might also find their way into this blog.

Sadly both of those newsletters ceased publication some years ago. They were always a welcome addition to my email inbox.

Parts of the treasure trove of information I have will probably be the subjects of many blog entries.  On those days when I can’t think of something to write about, I’ll just look in my Blog Drafts hard drive sub-folder (saaay, isn’t that one of the symptoms of a digital hoarder or packrat?) and dust one off.

As I was looking over some of the materials from Innovation Weekly, I noted that many of the topics are still relevant:  “Are we too connected?” (2005) “What are the rules for collaboration?” (2004) “Strategies for remaining relevant.” (2004)  So, dusting off one of those topics won’t be too hard. It should be easy to make it relevant to today.

So, I really shouldn’t be at a loss for words.

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